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Non-Accredited Provision

Khal Marina has also developed a number of flexible Non-Accredited Provisions to make content from the accredited programmes accessible to all staff.  Organisations have the flexibility to enrol their staff on to individual subject areas or specific modules.  They also have the option to subscribe to the Live Programme Access which makes teaching & learning across the entire accredited programme accessible to all staff. 

Delegates on the Non-Accredited Provision will be able to select and choose the lectures they wish to attend; based on individual, team or departmental need, personal preference, mandatory training or Continual Professional Development. 

The Non-Accredited Provision does not carry any mandatory learning or compulsory assessments and is delivered entirely online.  So staff able to benefit from specialist programme content and interact with subject matter experts from the ease of their home or work stations. 


Delegates on the Non-Accredited Provision will be awarded a Khal Marina certificate of attendance for all individual lectures attended and those who successfully attend all lectures within a specific module will be awarded a Khal Marina certificate of achievement.


An indicative list of some of the individual subject areas accessible on the Non-Accredited Provision is provided below:

  • Organisational Identity

  • Organisational Culture

  • Organisational Justice & Ethics

  • Social Constructivism

  • Intertwined and Intersectional Identities

  • The Equalities Act

  • Segregation & Othering

  • Race & Racism

  • Whiteness & Society

  • White Power

  • Major World Religions: An Overview

  • Secular Modernity

  • Organisational Secularism: Risks & Opportunities

  • Gender (in)equality

  • Gender Presentation & Representation

  • Toxic Masculinity

  • Social Mobility

For more information about our Non-Accredited Provisions or for programme fees, please contact us at 

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