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Graduate & Post Graduate Programmes in Organisational Inclusivity

Welcome to our graduate and post graduate programmes in Organisational Inclusivity.  In September 2022 we will launch a unique and dedicated set of programmes specifically developed to enhance organisational understanding and efficacy of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). 

D&I remains a strategic priority for many organisations in both public and private sectors; it is also one of the most challenging.  Our programmes in Organisational Inclusivity are thematically structed to immerse delegates in research, discussion and debate on some of the most emotive, contentious and controversial topics in contemporary society.  Our programmes discuss in detail matters of Race, Faith, Gender, Social Mobility, Identity, Equality and Equity in the context of organisational D&I. 


Khal Marina aims to create organisational self-sustainability regarding D&I through the development of contextual evidence-based research and critical self-reflective practice.  All module assessments and programme dissertations are set to specifically address your organisations D&I needs.  Thus, the synergy between unique organisational awareness on part of the delegate combined with academic research and critical self-reflection will equip organisational practitioners to develop, implement and review D&I interventions with informed insight and greater nuance.    


We will offer three accredited programmes in Organisational Inclusivity for management, leadership and senior leadership.  We have also developed a number of Non-Accredited Provisions for all staff Learning & Development.

Click on each programme to learn more about its content and assessment structure. 

Our programmes are accredited by the University of Huddersfield to Masters level. 

Our accredited programmes in Organisational Inclusivity are unique.  They combine academic learning with focused problem solving through dedicated research and the conceptualisation of practical, functional solutions to organisational D&I challenges. 

Our programmes also offer the following benefits:  

  • The accredited provisions for Management, Leadership & Senior Leadership provide focused learning to inform vision, strategic direction, organisational policy and operational culture.  

  • Our assessment framework, supervised by subject matter experts, acts as a critical third-party review of organisational policy & practice. 

  • Our flexible Non-Accredited Provisions enable organisations to enhance their L&D provisions and strengthen their commitment to Continued Professional Development in D&I at multiples levels throughout an organisation.

  • The accessible structure of our programmes makes the sourcing, scheduling and delivery of training for all staff more efficient; embedding a culture of organisational D&I. 

Our accredited and Non-Accredited Provisions in Organisational Inclusivity are ground-breaking programmes.  For more information regarding them or to register your interest please contact us at

Download the Programme Brochure here.


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