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Volume 8: Shariah Alone Will Rule Africa

This volume opens with a statement that wills to show the world what terrorism is.  Da’esh presents an actual framework for the purpose of jihad or fighting in the path of Allah and describe it as elevating the word of Allah.  They state that victory and success is made by Allah for those who practice pure tawÍÊd and this is something that cannot coexist with nationalism.  Thus, there is a reaffirmation of al-wala wal bara'ah as a fundamental principle to their endeavour which is at absolute odds with Islamist nationalism.  Therefore, Da’esh suggest that all other regimes and organisations, of which the Deobandis’ are one, are illegitimate and supported by secular agendas.  Within this vein they present disagreements with the Shamiya Front and al-Qaedah all whilst fending off allegations levelled against them that they are Khawarij (a sect within Shia Islam).  Da’esh assert that such claims are made by the murjiah who impose so many conditions as prerequisites for takfir that when anyone attempts to make genuine takfir they are pronounced as Khawarij. 

There is a veneration of Boko Haram and for the kidnappings they undertook of a number of Christian girls in Africa. Da’esh not only celebrated this move but also openly called for Muslims to travel to Africa.  However there also appears to be somewhat of an appeal within this volume for individuals to remain within the Islamic State.  Da’esh reaches out to women in this volume and impresses upon them the obligation of making hijrah to the Islamic State and fulfilling this command.  They assert that regard should not be given to those family members who prohibit the womenfolk from making hijrah.  They suggest that they are operating in a manner no different to what the prophets’ Ibrahim and Muhammad did when they broke the idols and challenged the Quraysh, respectively, in order to propagate the oneness of Allah.  The title of this volume relates to the Boko Haram and the allegiance they have pledged to Da’esh.

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