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Volume 7: From Hypocrisy to Apostasy

This volume opens with the statement of bin Laden who questioned the need for international powers like Japan and Australia to enter in to a war on terror.  Da’esh present this as an argument that the West is at war with Islam.  There is also a great deal of focus on the justification for the use of fire as a punishment.  Da’esh cites several examples from classical sources of the actions of not only the prophet Muhammad but also several of his companions.  Thus, they assert that using fire as a means of punishment is entirely acceptable and within the realms of permissibility.  In substantiating their case they further argue that anyone who has the ability to make hijrah to the Islamic State but refuses to do so and then criticises the practice of the mujahidin has diluted their faith. 

In this volume, Da’esh  also raise a concern regarding trust and deception, stating that leaders shouldn’t always accept what they have been told by their foot soldiers and should always make the effort to verify information as people can betray them.  This consideration is also found in the advice offered by Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir who suggests that advice should only be sought from trustworthy individuals.  He continues to offer advice on spiritual development and states that it is important to stay away from sins for the sake of Allah as the mujahidin are held to a higher degree of accountability.  The focus on spiritual development continues with a story of one of Da’esh’s other fallen fighters, Abu Qudamah.  Dabiq presents him as an individual who would fast voluntarily, read the Quran and spend a portion of the night in the worship of Allah.  A similar image is presented of Abu Basir, the individual responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo. 

Da’esh argue that Islam is the religion of the sword, not of peace and suggest that the prophet was in fact sent with four swords in order to combat a said group of people.  They completely dismiss the notion of a 'Meccan' era of Islam in the modern-day context and thus present themselves as the only legitimate Khilafah in the world for the Muslims.  As a result, everyone should unite under their banner, repent to Allah and join the caliphate.  This volume is also the first edition in which narrative is presented from a female in order to recruit support from women.  The title of the volume is reference to the methodological and ideological flaws that Da’esh considers al-Qaedah to have.

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