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Volume 6: Al-Qaeda in Waziristan

This volume opens with an immediate focus on international terror attacks and the promotion of lone wolf operations in the international context.  The apparent purpose of Jihad for Da’esh is to cause terror within the minds and hearts of their enemies.  In doing so Da’esh explicitly state that there is no need to seek validation from anyone ahead of carrying out a lone wolf attack; rather individuals should just do it and adopt non-complex, rudimentary means in their execution.  Da’esh report that death in the path of Allah is a means of instant forgiveness and admittance into paradise.  This volume also seeks to resolve some of the criticisms that Da’esh have faced from other prominent jihadi movement leaders; namely al-Dawahiri and Nadhari.  Da’esh criticise the aforementioned for their hypocritical stance and allegiance with leader of Yemen. By all understandings, these organisations are not takfiri enough for them.  The narrative of the publication changes to a more aggressive style of writing than normal as Da’esh preaches the standard of jihad.  They cite Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as the benchmark within the jihadi movement; someone who was once affiliated to al-Qaedah but no longer due to ideological differences.  Da’esh highlight the problems they perceived with al-Qaedah in Waziristan and how the expression of Islam within that context was not a true application of the faith.   So Da’esh refer to themselves as the ahles sunnah (people of the prophetic methodology) and as an organisation who is on the middle path; not deviating to the extremities of either the left nor right and not being corrupted by cultural practices. 

This volume offers a greater focus on spirituality, making duÑÉ (supplications) and engaging in the remembrance of Allah. The volume was titled al-Qaedah in Waziristan as Da’esh had a clear agenda to highlight, discredit and side-line al-Qaedah citing religious ineptitude whilst presenting themselves as the true flag bearers of Islam and jihad.     

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