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Volume 5: Remaining & Expanding

This volume focuses on the story of prophet Yahya, who met his end whilst standing against tyranny; one of the noblest ends according to the prophet Muhammad.  In it being so, this volume continues from volume 4 and challenges America’s military intervention against Da’esh.  They present themselves in the same light as the prophet Yahya, righteous individuals standing up against a tyrannical ruler.  They also consider America’s intervention to be a damning indictment of Americas continued foreign policy within the Middle East and Muslim world.  However, Da’esh state that they will continue to stand against America and all the other stakeholders in what they consider to be a war against Islam and Muslims as their doing so is a supplication of the oppressed and bereaved.  Their proposition leads into an eschatological stance and makes direct reference to the return of the messiah, Isa son of Mary who will lead the final apocalyptic battle.  Da’esh cites the example of all the prophets and how they never backed down from their message, rather they confronted, challenged and engaged in battle thereby leaving a legacy of confrontation. 

This volume touches on spiritual development and a need to seek help from Allah as the path of dawah and jihad isn’t easy but needs to happen.  Da’esh presses for the galvanisation of forces across the Arab peninsula with a call to other jihadi operations to give bayah to them.  They boast their own achievements as an organisation and are insultingly critical of other opposing factions whilst positioning themselves as the truth bearers.  Although 9/11 was not their attack to claim, they state that it was a success on several fronts; most notably the cost of occupation to the United States and Da’esh’s subsequent ability to influence fighters off the back of it.  Da’esh appears to express dissatisfaction with the level of media coverage they receive for the lone wolf attacks in European and America.  In this volume Da’esh details the reintroduction of gold, silver and copper-based currency and advocate for its merits over non asset based currencies.  There is additional focus on the concept of al-wala wal bara'ah as a means of directing their readership to support Da’eshs cause.  The title of this volume follows on from the Failed Crusade (volume 4) and in the assumed spirit of prophetic methodology Da’esh continue to challenge the established order by Remaining and Expanding their operations.

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