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Volume 14: The Murtadd Brotherhood

This volume opens with a reflection over the past two years in which Muslims have been bombed and killed.  The seed for revenge has been planted and is blooming. They posit a reminder that their vision is global domination and they will not stop their operations until they reach Europe.  More references are made to waging battles against the crusaders in Europe as a result of attacks in Iraq and Syria.


There is a great deal of focus across all the volumes on ‘pure’ creed.  This volume identifies and names those Da’esh consider to be murtadd (deviates from Islam).  These are a community who call themselves Muslim but have compromised their faith by adopting liberal faith values at the expense of pure creed and Islam.  Da’esh undertake an all-out attack on some of the most prominent western scholars, Hamza Yusuf, Sohaib Webb, Yasser Qazi, Muhammad al Yaqoobi, Nazim al-Haqqani; classifying them all as deviant. 


Da’esh associates nonliteral and puritanical faith observance as a cancer of which the Muslim brotherhood is one.  They admonish those who seek to engage with different Muslim groups through dialogue, discussion and non-violent means.  For Da'esh there is only violent confrontation, nothing else. They assert that the Ikhwaan (Muslim Brotherhood) have abandoned al-wala wal bara´ah due to them regarding Jews and Christians as their brothers; so they are all the same in kufr.

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