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Volume 12: Just Terror

This volume begins with Da’esh’s operations against Russia and France in retaliation for their support of the ‘western’ led coalition.  Da’esh offer a special mention to Farhad Khalil Mohammed who was just 15 years old at the time he conducted his lone wolf operation.  They continue to offer counsel to the mujahidin, stating that loyalty to the leader is imperative as is following what he says and sticking to it whether one agrees or not. 

Da’esh present a strong animosity against nationalism that the other jihadi groups are allegedly supportive of.  They continue discussions in to al-wala wal bara´ah within the context of children’s education, suggesting that it instils nationalism within future generations.  Da’esh’s staunch opposition to such doctrines is one of the reasons why they will continue to remain or so they advocate.  This volume places a great deal of focus on polygamy and arguments in favour of it.  The segment is authored by a female contributor who champions the religious permissibility of husbands having more than one wife in order to cater for the need within their society.  

Da’esh details its military operations and successes across Syria and Iraq.  They highlight the issues of practicing Islam in the ‘west’ with all of the deviations that western society holds (a thesis they evidence with a testimony from Abu Harith al-Thagri).  They present the Islamic State as a blessing of Allah and that Muslims should indeed thank Allah for His blessings; meaning that the Muslims should thanks Allah for the caliphate He has provided. 

Da’esh provides detail of their jihad in Bengal, a history and current affairs and they touch upon the political relationships between several actors operating in the Syrian and Iraqi space; being Russia, America, PKK and the FSA. The title of this volume is a reflection of the attacks their operatives have conducted across the world, most notably those in Russia and France.

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